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Thursday Evenings

Thursday Evenings

Hot Dogs and Cool Burgers served with skinny fries and The Lord Nelson burger sauce plus a drink for £12.00

Posh Dogs

Chilli dog …artisan hot dog in a brioche bun topped with chilli ,cheese and fried onion

Hot dog … with crispy fried onions and American mustard in a brioche bun

Veggie dog …veggie hot dog with fried onions and sweet chilli sauce

Cool Burgers

Swiss burger .. classic burger with swiss cheese and flat mushrooms

Bacon and cheese burger … classic burger with smoked bacon and cheddar cheese

Fishy option ..salmon fillet with hoisin sauce and pickled cucumber in a brioche bun….

Chicken s choice….   Chicken brie and bacon burger with redcurrant jelly in a brioche bun

Veggies choice … spiced bean burger with guacamole and crispy onions with brioche bun