The Team

Here at The Lord Nelson we have an excellent team to serve and prepare your food. Below you can read about each member of staff so you know a bit about them before you come and pay us a visit.

DOB: 24/10/1991
Born in: Basingstoke.
Favourite food: Chicken with brie, bacon and a white wine sauce.
Worst food: Rice pudding.
Most visited website: Instagram.
Favourite quote: "whoops sorry didn't mean to break that".
Most interesting fact about myself: Recently completed counselling course.
Your aspirations: To be a councillor for troubled children.
3 words others would use to describe you: Fun, kind, thoughtful
Overuses word: "Ugh"
Favourite tipple: White wine

Helen (Hels)
DOB: 30/03/66
Born in: Cardiff.
Favourite food: Eggs Benedict.
Worst food: Brussel sprouts.
Most visited website: Amazon
Favourite quote: "One more for the road, I only came in for one"
Your aspirations: For my family to be happy and healthy.
3 words others would use to describe you: Friendly, discreet, cheerful.
Overused word: "Drink up".
Favourite tipple: White wine

Jess Wood (Jessie J)
Born in: Yeovil.
Favourite food: Leek and haddock risotto.
Worst food: Butter.
Website you visit the most: Ebay.
Favourite quote: "Very good"
Interesting fact about yourself: cycled to Lands End 2012 to raise money for charity.
Favourite tipple: Tequila.