Courgette apple and brie soup served with brown seeded baguette £5.95

Somerset smokies, smoked haddock in cream cider sauce topped with melted cheese served with olive bread toast £7.50

Asparagus, fennel and grilled halloumi finished with hazelnut oil £7.50

Mussels with cider, leek and smoked bacon and cream sauce served with crusty bread Starter £7.95 Main £14.95

Duck and pistachio nut paté served with chilli jam toasted olive bread £7.95




Sirloin steak served with chunky chips, crushed peas, cherry tomatoes and mushrooms £16.95

   - Choice of sauces.. blue cheese, peppercorn or mushroom and wholegrain mustard £2.50

Toms pork apple and stilton burger, beef tomatoes and pickled dill served in a soda bread and onion bun with sweet potato fries, salad and caramelized onion chutney £14.95

Stuffed aubergine with cashew nuts, topped with cheddar and mozzarella served with roasted sea salt new potatoes and baby corn and sugar snap pea chunky salad £13.95

Wild mushroom, beer mac and cheese with garlic bread £12.95

Halibut Supreme with glass noodles and sweet chilli stiry fry side salad £16.95

Morrocan spiced lamb with savoury cous cous and lavash bread, lime and cumin yogurt £15.95

Roast chicken fillet stuffed with sage, mozzarella and sun blushed tomato, served with a grape and white wine sauce, vegetables and new potatoes £14.95

Ham two eggs and chunky chips £10.95

Beer battered cod and chips with minted peas and tartar sauce £12.95


Our kitchen contains nuts!! Gluten free always available!!